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Press Rate Card

Updated:2008-06-03 18:15 | Source:

  The Beijing 2008 Press Rate Card offers a detailed list of products and services available to assist the operations of news organizations during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games according to the Host City Contract.

  Through the Press Rate Card, news organizations have the opportunity to rent the products and services needed at the most competitive prices.

  The specifications and prices of the rate card products and services have been approved by the IOC Executive Board. The prices for some products are not decided at the time of the publication of Press Rate Card Catalogue, which will be presented to the IOC for approval once determined and will be released to news organizations later.

  The accompanying Press Rate Card (Catalogue) provides comprehensive information about the products and services that will be offered during the Beijing Games. Information on rental vehicles and parking permits is not available in the Press Rate Card you receive and will be provided by BOCOG after the separate Press Transport Rate Card is approved by the IOC executive Board.

  Organizations that wish to reserve private office space in the MPC and competition venues are requested to return the INTENT TO RENT form as soon as possible, but no late than May 31, 2007.

  An on-line ordering system (TBA) will be available from July 1, 2007 to facilitate the processes of ordering and invoicing. Only one designee from each news organization will be authorized to place orders. News organizations will receive Pro-forma invoices electronically as confirmation of the acceptance of their orders. Other methods of communication, i.e. fax or e-mail, will be accepted although not recommended.

  Before the start of the normal order period, Press Operations will distribute usernames and passwords to the designee from each news organization to access the Rate Card website.

  During the Games, BOCOG will operate a Rate Card Help Desk and a Service Centre in the MPC to assist with any problem resolution. Representatives of BOCOG sponsors and service providers will be present in the Service Centre to provide assistance as necessary. A limited inventory of rate card items will be available for rent or purchase at the Service Centre during the Games. News organizations will pay for these items by Visa, cash or wire transfer.

  All the prices and deposits stipulated in the rate card catalogue are quoted in RMB. The prices listed in the Press Rate Card are not subject to any local taxes and are valid only for orders received before the closing date of the late order period (March 31, 2008).

  Key Dates for Press Rate Card

  Description Date

  Normal Order Period Jul 1-Dec 31, 2007

  Late Order Period Jan 1-Mar 31, 2008

  Games-time Order Period Apr 1-May 31, 2008

  Games-time Order Period Jul 1-Aug 24, 2008

  Cut-off Period Jun 1-Jun 30, 2008

  INTENT TO RENT forms for the MPC and venues returned to BOCOG May 31, 2007

  Loss & Damage Deposit Refund By Oct 31,2008

  Usage Deposits Refund By Oct 31, 2008

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