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Photo Services

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  The still image capturing a moment of excellence, triumph or despair has come to represent the very spirit of the Olympic Games. Like the athletes themselves, the photographers who are chosen to cover the Games are the best of the best.

  The mission of BOCOG Photo Services is to assist these elite photographers in creating the visual history of the Games by planning and managing the facilities and services for the accredited

  photographers both in MPC (Main Press Centre) and 37 competition venues for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

  The requirements of accredited photographers covering the Beijing Olympic Games will be a high priority of the Press Operations team, and will be realized at the MPC Photo Work Area, Kodak Image Centre, Venue Photo Work Room, Photo Positions, Photo Pool services and through the disk/film transport system and backup the photographers require.

  Headquartered at the MPC, photographers will be offered an integrated work area in the lower ground level with a fully equipped photo work room and Kodak Image Centre

  -- Photo Work Area: 207 workstations within the area will be equipped with high-speed technical transmission, DSL or leased lines. Some of the networked work spaces will have Kodak desktop computers. Photo Services will be responsible for this area, providing 350 lockers for equipment storage, an information help desk for overall assistance, a café for snacks and soft drinks, as well as INFO 2008 terminals, CATV monitors and video wall to create a first-rate working environment for photographers.

  -- Photo vests: BOCOG Photo Services will finalise the design of the photo vests in 2007 for approval by the IOC. As in previous Games, the vests will be labeled POOL, NON-POOL and Photo Services. Vests will be distributed during photographers' registration at the Photo Manager's Office at the MPC.

  -- A downsized film/disk transport system catering to photographers' needs will be operational between the VMCs and MPC, taking into consideration the rapid development of digital photography.

  -- Kodak Image Centre: The Kodak Image Centre will serve the photographers at the MPC for digital processing in 2008. Canon and Nikon will be also present for camera and lens repair services and photo equipment loans. The drawings consolidating the functions of the Kodak Image Centre and Photo Work Room was generally agreed between BOCOG and Kodak at the end of 2006.. Further development on design and construction will be carried out in 2007.

  The competition venues will play a key role in the photographic coverage of the Games. Facilities and services dedicated to photographers will be available as follows:

  -- Photo positions either at FOP or in seats have been defined in BOCOG's drawings. With the IOC's approval and advice, photo positions with clear and unobstructed views of sporting action will take into shape in 2007, including platforms or benches where needed.

  -- Freedom of photographers' movement, lighting at a minimum of 1,400 Lux or higher to follow the HDTV requirements. The Beijing Olympic "Look and Image" background will be taken into account in identifying photo positions.

  -- The best possible technical support at main photo positions, photo editor tribune and photo workroom will be offered. Key photo positions will be provided with internet access, data connection and power outlets.

  -- Pool photographers (IOPP/NOPP) will be entitled to privileged photo positions and parking permits in line with the IOC's rules and signed agreements.

  -- An exclusive photo work room with spacious workstations, lockers, transmission connection, INFO 2008, CATV, pigeonholes as well as logistics services will be available for photographers.

  -- An intra-venue disk/film transport system will be operated at regular intervals meet photographers' needs.

  -- An efficient and enthusiastic Photo Services team will look after the Photographers by following the agreed Policies and Procedures on:

  1) Photographers' movement within venues

  2) The identification of photo position

  3) Access to the catwalks and other special photo positions

  4) Remote camera usage

  5) Photo equipment usage guidelines

  6) Lighting standard in competition venues

  7) Photographer vests provision

  8) Photographer vests distribution

  9) Movement of Photo technicians within venues

  10) Medal ceremony management

  11) Locker usage guidelines

  12) Disk/film transport system

  13) Dress code in competition venues

  14) Photographers' undertaking (TBD)

Editor : LiuAnqi

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