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Olympic News Service (ONS)

Updated:2008-06-03 18:15 | Source:

  The Olympic News Service (ONS) is responsible for providing media with comprehensive Games information services, including pre-Games information such as athlete biographies and historical results, and the Games-time news service, flash quotes and press conference highlights. All these services will ensure the fullest possible coverage reaches the widest possible audience.

  ONS aims to provide INFO users with a balanced Games news file of professional wire service standard written in clear, concise language that keeps the media informed of Games developments to help them achieve the best possible coverage.

  ONS news will be presented without bias or favor and independent of all external influence in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

  ONS operates like an international news agency through a central editorial team with professional skills. The team liaises with experienced venue reporting teams comprising supervisors, sports information specialists and reporters fluent in written and spoken English to report and publish Games-related news. Hundreds of local and international professionals and volunteers will join us in 2008.

  To help accredited media achieve the fullest coverage of the Games, ONS will construct a database with background information of Olympic Games biographies for all competitors and historical information of Olympic sports and disciplines.

  During the Games, ONS will provide diverse reports including previews, reviews, flash quotes, press conference highlights and media communications from competition venues and non- competition venues that will keep media informed about the progress of the Games

  ONS is also responsible for a speedy and accurate distribution of printed results and news reports to the pigeonholes in the Main Press Centre and venue media centres.

  INFO2008 INFO2008, an intranet information system for the Beijing Olympic Games, will be the primary outlet for all ONS information and reports. Accredited media can find Games information such as results, news, biographies, background, schedules, medals, records, transport, weather as well as a message board on INFO2008 terminals installed in all Olympic areas.

  Compared with its predecessors, INFO2004 and INFO2006, INFO2008 and ONS has some new features which include, among others:

  A calendar bar for News, Records and Medals

  A global free text search function

  A brand-new look & feel

  A wireless access (a rate card service)

Editor : LiuAnqi

Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics