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  In order to maintain a high level of services for the world's press, the International Olympic Committee maintains a strict quota. For the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the IOC has set a quota of 5,600 for written and photographic press -- the same as for Athens 2004 and Sydney 2000. The accreditation numbers for rights holders are defined within the rights holders' contracts, which are 4,000 for Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co, Ltd. (BOB) and 12,000 for Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs).

  BOCOG will operate according to the IOC's policies and procedures.

  The accreditation categories for written and photographic press for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are outlined below:

  Code Description

  E Journalist: Journalist, editor, photographic editor, employed or contracted by a world news agency, a national agency, a general daily newspaper, a sports daily, a sports magazine or sports internet site, a periodical or independent/freelance journalist under contract.

  Es Sport Specific Journalist: Journalist specialising in a sport on the Olympic Games programme, meeting the same criteria as those defined for category "E".

  EP Photographer: Photographer, meeting the same criteria as those defined for category "E".

  EPs Sport Specific Photographer: Photographer specialising in a sport on the Olympic Games programme, meeting the same criteria as those defined for category "E"

  ET Technician: Technician, meeting the same criteria as those defined for category "E".

  EC Support Staff: Support staff (office assistant, secretary, interpreter, driver, and messenger). Access to the MPC only. Assigned only to press groups, newspapers / magazines and NOCs that have reserved a private office area at the MPC.

  ENR Non-rights-holding broadcast organisation: Member of a non-rights holding radio and/or television organization. ENR accreditations are only allocated by the IOC.

  Ex Local Press: For Beijing 2008, Ex will be an exclusive own sport venue access only (zone 4), for Football, Sailing or Equestrian in the Co-host Cities.It will not offer access to any venue, including the MPC, in Beijing.

  Epx Local Photographer: For Beijing 2008, EPx will be an exclusive own sport venue access only (zone 4), for Football, Sailing or Equestrian in the Co-host Cities. It will not offer access to any venue, including the MPC, in Beijing.

  The Role of NOCs NOCs play important roles in the process of press accreditation. The NOC is responsible, within the territory which is recognized by the IOC, for the distribution of the quotas to news organizations.

  The NOC is responsible for the distribution, collection and return of accreditation forms within its territory on the basis of its allocation list.

  Two-stage accreditation process A two-stage accreditation process has be adopted for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, namely the process of Press by Number accreditation and Press by Name accreditation.

  From March 1, 2007 (G - 17 months), the two-stage press accreditation process begins when BOCOG starts the distribution of Press by Number forms and Press Accreditation Guides to NOCs and accredited organizations, together with the Press Accommodation Guide, Press Rate Card Guide, Press Freight & Shipping Guide and Media Information. The deadline for NOCs to return the Press by Number forms to BOCOG is June 15, 2007.

  From November 1, 2007 (G - 9 months), BOCOG will start the Press by Name process and distribute Press by Name application forms to NOCs and accredited organizations. The deadline for NOCs and accredited organizations to return the approved Press by Name accreditation application forms to BOCOG is February 29, 2008.

  From May 2008, BOCOG Accreditation will start distributing pre-valid OIACs to NOCs, which distribute them to accredited press organizations. On July 8, 2008, the non-valid OIAC will be accepted as a valid multiple visa into China including Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  Internet Sites / New Media or other communication medium are to be considered within NOC quotas.

  For the non-rights-holding broadcast organizations or ENRs, the IOC is directly responsible for the allocation of ENR accreditations. The ENR accreditation application form will be available from March 1, 2007 on with the deadline for applications being June 2007. The ENR organizations have full responsibility to apply to the IOC for accreditation within the required timelines and late requests will not be considered.

  Application Methods BOCOG will provide three methods for accreditation application. NOCs may choose one of the following methods:

  -- hard copy format;

  -- online electronic application (e-ACR);

  -- offline electronic application (Microsoft Excel format)

  Validation and Accreditation Centers BOCOG will establish a validation centre at Beijing Capital International Airport where the Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards of all categories may be validated.

  There will be six accreditation centers in Beijing including one media accreditation centre nearby the MPC and IBC which is dedicated for written and photographic press and the Rights Holding Broadcasters. For the six co-host cities, four accreditation centers will be set up in Hong Kong, one in Qingdao, and one for each city for football preliminaries.

  For the 31 competition venues in Beijing, 23 venue accreditation offices will be set up for the Olympic Games and 15 will remain for the Paralympic Games. The venue accreditation offices mainly deal with the validation and day pass issues for both the Olympic family members and workforce.

  Summary of Key Dates

  Aug 8 ,2006 IOC notified NOCs of their press accreditation quota allocation

  Mar 1- Jun 15, 2007 Press By Number Process

  Mar 1- Jun 8,2007 ENR Application process

  Nov 1,2007-Feb 29,2008 Press By Name Process

  May 2008 BOCOG to produce and distribute the Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC)

  Jul 8, 2008 OIAC acts as a VISA into China.

  Aug 8,2008 Opening Ceremony for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad

  Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC) Written press and photographers, who submit acceptable application forms for accreditation, including a photograph, prior to the deadline, will receive an Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card. According to the Olympic Charter, the Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC), together with a valid passport of the holder, will be accepted as the entry visa to China for the duration of one month before and one month after the Games which starts from July 8, 2008 to September 23, 2008.

  Similarly, PIAC will function as the visa from August 6, 2008 to October 16, 2008 for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

  If applicants enter China before July 8, 2008, their OIAC will not be accepted as a visa. Neither will the PIAC be acceptable before August 6, 2008. In these circumstances, applicants must apply for a visa through routine channels.

  Applicants who fail to return the application forms before the deadline might not get the OIAC/PIAC before they enter China. In such cases, the applicants have to make their own visa arrangement to enter China and will collect their OIAC upon arrival in China at an Accreditation Center.

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