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  BOCOG is responsible for providing the accredited media with clean and comfortable housing and related services at reasonable rates. Only the accredited media can apply for such accommodation under the BOCOG booking process. Bearing in mind that comfortable accommodation will be the "home away from home" for our friends who will come to Beijing in 2008 to work for, and to enjoy the Games, and thus will have an impact on their Games

  experience, BOCOG has done everything possible to identify the best possible accommodation facilities with the most desirable locations, facilities and services.

  BOCOG has signed the Hotel Lodging Agreement with over 110 star-rated hotels, among which 52 have been allocated to the media. Besides media hotels, two Media Villages will be used to accommodate the accredited media during Games time.

  Media Hotels Hotels in China are graded on the star-rating system. There are five stars in the system, with 5-star denoting the most deluxe hotels whereas 1-star denotes the least elaborate hotels.

  For accredited media, BOCOG has secured 52 star-rated hotels within which there are ten 5-star hotels, nineteen 4-star hotels, twenty-one 3-star hotels and two 2-star hotels. The total capacity is 12,249 rooms.

  The media hotels have submitted to BOCOG their Olympic Room Rates quotations, which have been approved by the IOC in 2006.

  Media Villages

  Two Media Villages (namely, MV1-North Star Media Village, with 6,000 rooms; MV2-Huiyuan Media Village, with 1,000 rooms) will be used to accommodate the accredited media for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games The total capacity of the Media Villages is 7,000 rooms. All rooms are single rooms in the apartment style, more than 90% of which will be reserved by unit (apartment). Double occupancy can be achieved by adding an extra bed in some designated units.

  The unit types vary from 1B1L1W (one bedroom, one living room, one washroom/bathroom) to 4B1L2W (four bedrooms, one living room, two washrooms/bathrooms) and more than 75% of the rooms have shared bathrooms. But in all cases, bathrooms will be shared by no more than 2 persons. Both Media Villages will open from July 25, 2008, and will close on August 29, 2008.

  The pricing plan of Media Villages was submitted to the IOC and was approved in 2006.

  An Allocation Plan between Broadcasters and Press has been worked out by BOCOG. The total number of rooms allocated to Press is over 5000, of which there are 15 hotels and 6 buildings in Media Villages respectively.

  For more detailed information on accommodation, please refer to Press Accommodation Guide.

Editor : LiuAnqi

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