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A Brief Introduction to the 2008 Beijing International Media Center (BIMC)

Updated:2008-06-03 18:15 | Source:

  The 2008 Beijing International Media Center is the main venue which will provision news information and reception services to journalists without IOC accreditation certificates, an important platform for the release of news information relevant to Chinese and Beijing social lives (other than Olympic events) to the international community, and a major channel through which overseas journalists cover and report on China during the Beijing Olympic Games. To enable journalists from various countries of the world to complete their coverage and reporting tasks during the Olympics in a perfect way, the 2008 Beijing Media Center will strive to provide professional services of international standards, render subsistence and work convenience to these journalists during their stay in Beijing, and turn the Media Center to a “Journalist Home” servicing the press and media.

  The 2008 Beijing International Media Center is based in the Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing, located on the city’s central axial line between the second and third ring roads and only 2 kilometers to the National Stadium with easy access to public transportation.

  Within the BIMC are function areas like a reception hall, working space for the journalists, a press conference hall, a display and exhibition hall, and a catering area, etc. During the Beijing Olympics, the 2008 Beijing International Media Center will periodically hold press conferences, offer rich Olympics information and city operation news to the journalists, provide opportunities for news coverage, and host cultural activities in a variety of patterns, aiming to assist foreign journalists to understand the Chinese culture and its people’s livelihood, promote the concept of “Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics” to the effect that media professionals from all over the world will together feel, experience, and share the passion, joy, harmony and friendship of the Beijing Olympics.

  The 2008 Beijing International Media Center will open to domestic and overseas journalists formally on July 8th, 2008.

Editor : LiuAnqi

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