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Ticket Ordering Terms and Conditions

Updated:2008-06-03 18:10 | Source:

  1. The following terms and conditions apply to all ticket buyers or ticket holders of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and is valid for all tickets sold by BOCOG at any sales phase or under any sale methods.

  2. The explanations for ticket application, payment instruction for each sales phase of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and all policies, regulations, audience guidelines published in the future regarding ticketing of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are integral parts of this document.

  3. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ticket(s) include the opening and closing ceremony tickets and the sports competition tickets. Excluding the Olympic Games accredited personnel, all persons shall buy tickets for entrance. The tickets shall only be sold to individuals and will not be sold to any organizations or groups.

  4. When buying the tickets to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the ticket buyers may submit the application only after they accept all terms and conditions.

  5. BOCOG reserves all rights to refuse or accept any applications which are not completly filled, are inaccurately filled, or do not satisfy any or all of the terms or conditions under this document. BOCOG may, under its sole discretion, refuse applications submitted by anyone who plans to illegally resell the tickets or who fails to follow the rule allowing each person to submit only one ticket application.

  6. The tickets sold during the first and second phases will be delivered to the buyer at the Bank of China branch as selected by the ticket buyer. The ticket buyer may pick up the tickets at the branch based upon the confirmation letter issued by BOCOG and the valid identification card.

  7. The ticket buyer shall be responsible for all tickets after they have been picked up. BOCOG shall not compensate for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. Any damage to the tickets may result in ticket holder not being allowed to enter the stadium or venue and BOCOG will not be responsible.

  8. In consideration of the significance of the opening and closing ceremonies, all persons who have successfully purchased the tickets for the ceremonies will be required to sumbit their photos (the submission deadline and methods will be published separately) and only the person themselves will be allowed to enter the stadium. Persons who do not submit photos pursuant to the submission terms and rules will be deemed as automatically waiving the tickets they had booked and the payment will be refunded. The transfer of tickets for opening or closing ceremony shall be approved by BOCOG in writing and meet the required legal formalities (which will be published separately). Any transfer which does not meet the required terms or rules published by BOCOG will result in the ticket holder not being allowed to enter the stadium and BOCOG will not be responsible.

  9. Any ticket holder who enters into a specific area, whether outside of or within the stadium or venue area, shall comply with the rules for ticket holders published by BOCOG and the Rules and Regulations printed on the reverse side of the tickets.

  10. Children two years old or under may enter the stadium or venue without a ticket. However, they shall share the seat with their guardians.

  11. If a competition or event is cancelled, the ticket holder may apply for a refund after Beijing Olympic Games. Such ticket holder shall submit an application form to BOCOG with his signature affixed on the tickets. The application form must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2008. BOCOG will not pay any interest on the refund. BOCOG will not accept any applications for refund in which the non-attendance is due to the ticket holder's waiver or any other personal reasons.

  12. The ticket holder shall undertake all risks and dangers which the ticket holder may face while attending any competition or event. The ticket holder accepts that there are risks on the way to, and outside of or within the stadium or venue. The risks may include change in weather, the distance to and from the bus station or parking area and the stadium or venue, the stituation on surface or underground, collision with athletes, volunteers, staff of BOCOG or other ticket holders. The ticket holder hereby clearly states that he will undertake all these risks or dangers. The ticket holder will undertake all risks regarding the possibility of not seeing any specific athlete due to the delay or cancellation of any competition or event. The ticket holder will further undertake all risks of loss of properties in the stadium.

  13. The ticket holder agrees that the tickets will not be used for any politics, advertisement or promotion. The ticket holder shall not solicit donation, circulate propaganda material or leaflets or promote any commodities in the stadium. Ticket holder is further prohibited from wearing or taking any goods or clothing for political, advertising or promotional intentions into the stadium. Any propaganda or demonstration related to religion or race is prohibited in the stadium or venue. Any person who violates the above regulations will be required to immediately leave the stadium without any refund.

  14. The ticket holder agrees that IOC, BOCOG and their authorized third parties may use the photos, video recordings, sound recordings or other images resemblying of such ticket holder without any compensation. The ticket holder further agrees that, under no circumstances will he distribute images, sounds or videos he takes related to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games or the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games by camera, video machine, video tape recorder and/or other photography, video recording or sound recording equipment or any other measures through any channels for any business purposes.

  15. The ticket holder is not allowed to carry weapons, ammunition, dangerous articles, or explosive, chemical or flammable devices outside or within the stadium or venue and all of the above articles are not allowed to be deposited in the stadium or venue. Any ticket holder who possesses any forbidden articles or devices will be required to immedidately leave the stadium and will not receive a refund. Any ticket holder who is in possession of any illegal article or device will be investigated. The ticket holder shall undergo inspection for forbidden articles and devices and any other security inspection implemented by BOCOG. The ticket holder who rejects the security inspection or refuses to comply with rules and security notice published by BOCOG will be required to immediately leave the stadium. Under all these circumstances the ticket holder and related ticket buyer will not be given a refund. BOCOG reserves the right to refuse entrance of such person within the proxmity of or into the stadium and or expel him out of the stadium or venue. Anyone who is not in compliance with this document or other related rules, who is deemed as interfering with the competition or event by BOCOG, who is disturbing the enjoyment of the competition or event of other ticket holders, or who is disrupting the comfort or safety of other ticket holders, shall be required to immediately leave the stadium and shall not receive a refund.

  16. Certain specific areas of the stadium, such as designated areas for media or atheletes, will not be opened to the public.

  17. Each ticket holder will only be allowed one entrance per ticket. If the ticket holder leaves the stadium or venue for any reason, the same ticket may not used to re-enter the stadium or venue.

  18. The ticket buyer and ticket holder shall be in compliance with all contents set out in this document. BOCOG will not take any responsibility for the ticket buyer or ticket holder who violates the responsibilities he should undertake.

  19. The ticket buyer hereby acknowledges and confirms that once the ticket buyer becomes the ticket holder, he will be in compliance with all rules and regulations related to the use of ticket and viewing of the competition or event set out or recognized by IOC or BOCOG.

  20. The ticket buyer agrees that BOCOG may adjust competition or event schedule, ticket price and other specific regulations according to the organization and preparation of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and IOC without taking any responsibility on issuance of any notice or distribution of such notice to the ticket buyers.

  21. If the ticket buyer has signed the ticket application or submitted the application through the offical website of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, it is acknowledgment that the ticket buyer has read all contents of this document, filling out instruction, and the payment instruction. The ticket buyer understands and accepts the methods of purchasing the ticket, payment and allocation methods of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The ticket buyer will accept and be in compliance with all related regulations. Otherwise, it will be deemed that the ticket buyer does not accept the related regulations.

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