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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games - Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales and Use

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  This is the complete version of the "Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games - Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales and Use" (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions"). This complete version is available on the website at, at all venue box offices and in the "Spectator Guide for the Paralympic Games." The terms and conditions on the back of the Ticket constitute the simplified version of these Terms and Conditions. Please read this complete version carefully. Anyone who purchases, holds or uses a Ticket shall be deemed as having read, understood and accepted all Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions

  1.1 BOCOG means Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, including its officers, managers, employees, agents, assignees and volunteers.

  1.2 Ceremony means the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

  1.3 CPC means the Chinese Paralympic Committee, including its officers, managers, employees, agents, assignees, volunteers and the Chinese delegation to the Paralympic Games.

  1.4 Event means any competition of the Paralympic Games for which Tickets are sold by BOCOG or third parties authorized by BOCOG.

  1.5 IPC means the International Paralympics Committee.

  1.6 Paralympic Games means the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games unless otherwise provided.

  1.7 Session means the Ceremony and/or Events of the Paralympic Games.

  1.8 Ticket is the ticket to a Session, including Day Pass unless otherwise provided.

  1.9 Venues are all places where the Sessions are held.

  1.10 You (or "you") means anyone who purchases, holds or uses a Ticket.

  2. Details about the Tickets and Sessions

  2.1 All spectators, regardless of age, must have a valid Ticket to enter a Venue. The only exception to this rule is described in clause 2.2 below.

  2.2 Any child who is two years old or younger than two years old on the day of the Session can enter the Venue without a Ticket, provided that the child shares the same seat with the child's guardian, who holds a valid Ticket.

  2.3 You must purchase a Ticket from BOCOG or third parties authorized by BOCOG. If you acquire a Ticket through unauthorized channels (i.e., other than through BOCOG or third parties authorized by BOCOG), you should assume the risk that such Ticket could be previously lost or missing, stolen, counterfeited, damaged, illegible or obtained through other illegal means. In such case, you may be refused entry into the Venue or be requested to leave the Venue without receiving a refund nor a substitution.

  2.4 You cannot resell or trade your Ticket. You cannot use the Ticket for any political, religious, commercial, advertising or promotional purposes (for example, as prizes for competitions, etc.) without the prior written approval of BOCOG.

  2.5 Tickets to the Ceremonies may only be transferred once. You must obtain the written approval of BOCOG before you transfer a Ceremony Ticket and you may only transfer the Ceremony Ticket in compliance with the transfer procedures announced by BOCOG. BOCOG shall assume no responsibility for any Ticket holder who is refused entry into a Venue without a refund because a Ceremony Ticket was transferred without complying with BOCOG's announced transfer procedures.

  2.6 The Ticket holder of a Ceremony Ticket must be the original purchaser or a transferee approved by BOCOG.

  2.7 BOCOG reserves the right to change the date, time, participants and other relevant details of all Sessions and BOCOG will give prior notice if reasonably able to do so.

  2.8 BOCOG has the right to invalidate any Ticket for any reason at any time.

  2.9 Please sit at your designated seat. If there is no seat number, please sit at the designated area after entering into the Venue. Except Day Pass, the Ticket is only good for one admission into a Venue. You will be prohibited from re-entering the Venue if you leave for any reason.

  2.10 You can enter into any Venue in the Olympic Green to watch any non-high demand Session with a valid Day Pass, provided that BOCOG reserves the right to postpone your admission to a later time in the case of overflow, as determined by BOCOG in its sole and absolute discretion, and you will not be entitled to a refund nor substitution for your Day Pass.

  One Day Pass is only good for one admission into the Olympic Green. You should show your Day Pass before entering any Venue. The Day Pass shall be valid only for the date specified on it. In case that part of the Events be changed or cancelled, you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund for your Day Pass.

  3. Ticket Refund

  3.1 You may not apply for, and will not be entitled to replace your Ticket nor receive refunds except as specified in 3.2 below or where required by law. For the avoidance of doubt:

  3.1.1 In the event that you are refused entry into or requested to leave a Venue for failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions, BOCOG shall not be responsible and you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund for your Ticket.

  3.1.2 If the start time or the end time of a Session is changed, but the Session is completed on the originally scheduled day, you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund for your Ticket.

  3.1.3 If a Session is postponed or re-scheduled to another day, the Ticket (except Day Pass) shall be valid for the postponed or re-scheduled date, and you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund for your Ticket.

  3.1.4 If a Session begins but does not finish, and BOCOG declares that the Session is officially terminated, you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund for your Ticket.

  3.1.5 If there are changes to the schedule or participants of a Session, you will not be entitled to a replacement or refund for your Ticket.

  3.2 If a Session is cancelled before it is scheduled to start and is not re-scheduled, you may apply for a refund (except Day Pass) after the end of the Paralympic Games. The Ticket for such Session will not be replaced with a Ticket for another Session.

  3.3 In all cases in which you are entitled to a refund, BOCOG will only refund the face value of the Ticket; interest thereon will not be paid. You may obtain a refund by mailing a refundable Ticket to BOCOG together with a duly completed and signed request form, made available by BOCOG at, provided that the postmark date shall not be later than October 31, 2008. For avoidance of doubt, BOCOG will not accept your application for a refund if you do not attend or are unable to attend a Session for personal reasons.

  3.4 Under any of the following circumstances, BOCOG may refuse your admission or request you to leave the Venue, and you will not be entitled to a refund or replacement for your Ticket:

  3.4.1 You fail to comply with any or all of these Terms and Conditions;

  3.4.2 You refuse any security inspection of your person or possessions;

  3.4.3 You disturb the smooth and orderly progression of the Paralympic Games;

  3.4.4 You disturb or infringe upon other people's enjoyment of the Session, comfort or safety;

  3.4.5 Your Ticket is one that has been previously missing, lost by or stolen from someone else, or is counterfeit, damaged or illegible;

  3.4.6 Your Ticket was purchased through illegal or unauthorized channels; or

  3.4.7 BOCOG reasonably suspects any of the foregoing.

  3.5 BOCOG shall not be responsible for any claims, damages, losses or expenses arising from the cancellation or alteration of the Paralympic Games or any Session, except as specified in 3.2 above.

  3.6 Please safeguard your Ticket carefully after you receive it. BOCOG shall not be responsible if you cannot enter the Venue because your Ticket is lost, stolen, missing, illegible, destroyed or invalidated for any other reason.

  4. Regulations about Access and Stay in the Venues

  4.1 You are required to pay the maximum attention and exert the maximum prudence in the Venue for the safety of both yourself and any children accompanying you, and to comply with the warnings and the norms of behaviour published in or in the proximity of the Venue. BOCOG shall not be responsible for the consequences of your imprudent or negligent behaviours.

  4.2 You shall be responsible for the safety of both yourself and any children accompanying you.

  4.3 You shall be responsible for the property of both yourself and any children accompanying you.

  4.4 The Venue usually opens two (2) hours prior to the start time of a Session. Before traveling to the Venue, please check the start time of the Event or the Ceremony, the opening time of the Venue, the security inspection times and public transportation information to insure that you will be able to enter the Venue on time. You expressly consent, as a mandatory condition for access to a Venue, to a security inspection before your entry to the Venue and during the Session. The security checks may include a limited (body) search, and inspection of baggage or other objects owned or carried by both yourself and any children accompanying you. Please allow ample time for traffic and security inspections and enter the Venue as early as possible.

  4.5 To the maximum extent permitted by all applicable laws and regulations, you hereby irrevocably release BOCOG, the IPC, the CPC (including their directors, officers, employees, consultants, contractors, agents and volunteers), individually or in combination thereof, from any liability for any damage, loss, liability or injury you may suffer in relation to your traveling to and attendance of the Paralympic Games, howsoever caused.

  4.6 You agree to provide compensation as directed and requested by BOCOG for any possible damage, loss or harm suffered by BOCOG or any other person due to your willful misconduct or negligence.

  4.7 To enter and remain in a Venue, you shall expressly comply with the following provisions:

  4.7.1 You accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

  4.7.2 You agree to security inspections of your person and your baggage and other objects owned or carried by both yourself and any children accompanying you.

  4.7.3 You must not disturb the tranquility and/or safety of others within a Venue.

  4.7.4 Your Ticket must not be lost, missing, stolen, counterfeited, damaged or illegible.

  4.7.5 You warrant that your Ticket has not been purchased from an unauthorised person or entity.

  4.8 You must not interrupt or disturb or attempt to interrupt or disturb the normal carrying out of the Paralympic Games.

  4.9 You must abide by all policies, announcements or instructions issued by BOCOG relevant to attending the Paralympic Games. To ensure the security and the smooth and orderly progression of the Paralympic Games, you must abide by all the instructions of Venue personnel, including, without limitation, submitting to security checks and showing your Ticket.

  5. Restricted or Prohibited Items and Behaviours

  5.1 Please don't take any of the following articles into any Venue:

  5.1.1 Beverages (whether in soft or hard containers, except for medical reasons) and large quantity of easily-thrown food;

  5.1.2 Breakable articles or any containers; musical instruments, including, without limitation, whistles, trumpets and drums;

  5.1.3 Carry-on bags, suitcases and handbags which are too big to carry to the seats;

  5.1.4 Flag poles, flags of countries or regions not participating in the Paralympic Games, flags larger than 2x1 meters in size; any signs, banners, posters, leaflets or displays;

  5.1.5 Balls, rackets, frisbees and similar articles;

  5.1.6 Any unauthorized professional photography equipment;

  5.1.7 Knives, bats, long-handle umbrellas, long poles, sharp-ended stands for cameras and video cameras, and other objects that may cause harm to people;

  5.1.8 Animals (except for those that provide services, such as guide-dogs for visually impaired persons);

  5.1.9 Transportation vehicles, devices or equipment (other than strollers and wheelchairs);

  5.1.10 Unauthorized walky-talkies, loudspeakers, radios, laser devices or wireless devices that will interfere with the electronic signals of the Games;

  5.1.11 Such restricted weapons and equipments as guns, ammunition, crossbows, and daggers;such combustibles as fireworks, firecrackers and other flammable materials;such articles prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations as corrosive chemicals and radioactive materials.

  5.2 The following behaviours shall be deemed inappropriate and prohibited within the Venue:

  5.2.1 Sitting in an area or seat not designated by your Ticket;

  5.2.2 Smoking in a non-smoking area;

  5.2.3 Crossing over a guardrail, treading on chairs or throwing articles onto the playing field or spectator areas;

  5.2.4 Carrying strollers or wheelchairs into non-wheelchair areas;

  5.2.5 Entering areas not open to spectators, such as areas designated for distinguished guests, work areas or playing fields;

  5.2.6 Opening an umbrella in spectator areas or standing for a long time so as to block others' views or disturb others;

  5.2.7 Purposefully exhibiting or publicizing commercial marks or symbols on your clothing or accessories; coordinating group wear of clothing with the same or similar design patterns, combinations of colours or commercial marks or symbols;

  5.2.8 Other behaviours which distract the attention of athletes, technical officials or coaches, or affect the smooth and orderly progress of the Session or disturb other spectators attending the Session, including, without limitation, taking flash photography, entering the Venue in an obviously intoxicated state, or disobeying the orders of Venue personnel.

  5.3 No unauthorized popularization, promotion, display of products, or money collection activities, including, without limitation, commercial, military or religion, politics, territory, environment-protection, human rights, animal-protection related activities; No distribution or promotion of any article with a corporate brand or logo thereon. No unauthorized TV broadcasting or use of professional videotaping equipments.

  5.4 The following behaviours are strictly prohibited in all Venues: surrounding and assaulting the referees, athletes or other working personnel; any kind of gambling or betting; leading and/or taking part in a parade, sit-in or demonstration, causing a commotion after getting drunk, streaking, and other behaviours which disturb the smooth and orderly progression of the Games or violate Chinese laws and regulations.

  5.5 You are required to carefully read the Spectator Guide for the Paralympic Games before attending the Games. You can access more detailed information by calling (+8610 12308).

  6. Photography or Recordings in the Venue

  6.1 You consent to be photographed, filmed or taped by BOCOG, the IPC or their authorized third parties. BOCOG, the IPC or their authorized third parties shall have the right to broadcast, publish, license or use any photographs, films, recordings or images of you without any compensation. The IPC, BOCOG, the third parties and anyone acquiring from them the right to use the material are not liable to you in any way for its use.

  6.2 Images, videos and sound recordings of the Paralympic Games taken by you with a camera, video camera or audio equipment or any other kind of equipment may not be used for any purpose other than for private, domestic and non-commercial purposes (e.g., you may not sell, license, broadcast, publish, or otherwise commercially exploit such images, videos or sound recordings).

  7. Transport Information

  7.1 During the twelve-day Paralympic Games period from September 6, 2008 to September 17, 2008, you may present your Ticket to travel for free on the date marked on your Ticket (until 4 a.m. the next morning) by public bus and subway within the Beijing Municipality (excluding passenger transport to suburban districts and counties, and the airport express).

  7.2 When using your Ticket for travelling you must present your Ticket to the bus driver or the conductor for checking. You are responsible for finding the location of the appropriate Venue and checking public transportation information. If you hold Tickets for different Sessions on the same day, you should set aside enough time to commute between each Venue, and pass through security inspections and Ticket checking. You must abide by all the rules posted in the public transportation vehicle and in the Venue.

  8. Personal Data Protection

  8.1 BOCOG will keep any personal data provided by Ticket holders strictly confidential. Such data will only be used for dealing with the Ticket applications and Ticket checking.

  8.2 To ensure your Ticket purchase and your smooth entry into the Venue, you hereby explicitly agree that BOCOG or any third party authorized by BOCOG can keep and process your personal data as needed.

  9. General

  9.1 These Terms and Conditions, together with the provisions printed on the back of the Ticket ("Provisions"), set forth the entire agreement between you and BOCOG.

  In the event of a discrepancy between the Provisions and the contents of these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

  9.2 BOCOG may, after issuing advance notice, amend, delete or add to the clauses of these Terms and Conditions (including the Provisions). In the event that any clause contained in these Terms and Conditions becomes unenforceable for any reason, such unenforceability shall not affect any other clause of these Terms and Conditions (including the Provisions).

  9.3 All disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions (including the Provisions) shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

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