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Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium

Updated:2008-06-03 16:57 |

Venue: Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium (Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastic venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games)

Location: Beijing University of Technology

Type: New

Use during Olympic Games: Badminton, Rhythmic Gymnastics

Use for Paralympic Games: None

Floor area (sq m): 24,383

Permanent seats: 5,800

Temporary seats: 1,700

Groundbreaking date: June. 30, 2005

Post-Games function: The Gym will provide spaces for activities of students and faculty, whilst facilitating the training of the badminton teams affiliated with the International Badminton Federation and the General Administration of Sports. The gymnasium will occassionally be open to the public.

Groundbreaking date: June 30, 2005


- by bus: No.30, No.34, No.486, No.513, No.392, No.605, No.649, No.801, No.852, No.973, No.985, No.988 to Beijing University of Technology

Ticket price:

- Badminton: 50~500 RMB

- Rhythmic Gymnastics: 100~400 RMB


Editor : LiuAnqi

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