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Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field

Updated:2008-06-03 16:57 |

Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field

Location: Olympic Green

Type: Temporary

Use for Olympic Games:Archery

Use for Paralympics Games:Archery

Floor area (sq m):8,609

Permanent seats: None

Temporary seats: 5,000

Groundbreaking date: December 28, 2005


- by bus: No.113, No.386, No.407, No.656, No.689, No.740(inner ring road&outer ring road),line No.753, line No.939, line No.944, line No.983, Yuntong No.113 to Beichen Bridge West.

- by subway: Olympic Branch Line affiliate to line 10 to Olympic Sports Center.

Ticket price:

- Archery: 50~100 RMB


Editor : LiuAnqi

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