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Olympic-appointed Hospitals

Updated:2008-06-03 15:23 | Source:

  from Beijing Municipal Health Bureau

  Peking Union Medical College Hospital Affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

  Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

  Beijing Physical Examination Center

  Beijing Haidian Hospital

  Beijing Jishuitan Hospital

  Xuanwu Hospital

  Beijing Hospital of TCM

  Beijing Friendship Hospital

  Beijing Tongren hospital

  Beijing Tiantan Hospital

  The School of Stomatology, Peking University

  Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital

  Beijing Anzhen Hospital

  Peking University Shougang Hospital

  The People's Hospital, Beijing University

  Beijing Stomatological Hospital

  Peking University Third Hospital

  Peking University First Hospital

  Guang An Men Hospital

  China PLA General Hospital

  Beijing Hospital

  The China-Japanese Friendship Hospital, the Ministry of Health, China


Editor : Zhu Jia

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