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Beijing Hospital

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  1. Brief Introduction

  Beijing Hospital is located at the southern end of Dongdan Dahua Avenue, East District, in downtown Beijing. It covers an area of 50,000 m2 and a floor space of 173,000 m2. It has 1,098 beds, over 2,300 employees, more than 500 doctors, 800-odd nurses and some 490 technical personnel. Among them, there are 261 senior medical personnel with chief physician, deputy chief physician or other corresponding titles and 70 doctor or master tutors. In 1993, it was rated as Level-3-Grade-A hospital and Baby-Friendly Hospital. It has had the privilege of winning the title of honor, a culturally advanced unit of central state institutions and of the capital for six times.

  Address: No.1 Dahua Avenue, Dongdan, East District

  Post Code: 100730

  Phone: 85132114 (Operator)

  65282171、65282571 (Consultation)

  Routes of transportation: Chong Wen Men stop for the following buses(8、9、39、41、44、48、60、103、104、106、110、111、116、807、812、813、T-2) and for the 2nd loop line of Beijing Metro.

  Wang Fu Jing stop for the following buses(1、4、10、20、52、57) and for the 1st line of Beijing Metro.

  2. The capability and characteristic of medical service

  1) The capability of service

  At present, Beijing Hospital has set the following departments for clinical diagnose and treatment. They are Dept. of Cardiology、Dept. of Respiratory Diseases、Dept. of Endocrinology and Metabolism、Dept. of Digestive Diseases、Dept. of Immunorheumatology、Dept. of Hematology、Dept. of Oncology、Dept. of Neurology、Dept. of Emergency Medicine、Dept. of General Surgery、Dept. of Orthopedics Surgery、Dept. of Cardiac Surgery、Dept. of Neuro Surgery、Dept. of Urology、Dept. of Obstetric & Gynecology、Dept. of Ophthalmology、Dept. of ENT、Dept. of Stomatology、Dept. of Plastic Surgery、Dept. of Anesthesiology、Dept. of TCM、Dept. of Dermatology & Venereology、Dept. of Radiotherapy、Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine、Dept. of Acupuncture & Moxibustion and Massage、Dept. of Medicare for Special Demand、Center for Diagnose and Treatment of Pain、Center for prevention and consultation of Obesity、Center for Treatment of Dizziness、Rui Dong Center for Diabetes、Research Center for Surgery of Shoulder Joints、Center for Diagnose and Treatment of Neuroimmuno Diseases of Muscles、Center for Diagnose and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease、Center for P.E.T. Beijing Hospital has also set the following Departments for Medical Technology. They are Dept. of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology、Dept. of Radiology、Dept. of Nuclear Medicine、Dept. of Ultrasound Diagnose、Dept. of Pathology、Dept. of Laboratory Medicine、Dept. of Blood Transfusion. In addition, the Beijing Institute of Geriatrics of Ministry of Health and the National Center for Clinical Laboratory of Ministry of Health also set up in Beijing Hospital.

  In addition to providing medical and health care services to senior officials, the hospital also undertakes the work of curing and preventing diseases for Beijing residents and people from other parts of the country. With the improvement of medical condition and the renovation& extension of Beijing Hospital, at present, the annual outpatient service amounts to 800,000 person times, i.e. a daily average of 3,000 and more. Each year the cases of hospitalization come to 10,000 person times and operations to more than 8,000 person times.

  Beijing Hospital is well equipped with medical equipment and sophisticated instruments for Laboratory Medicine. Among others are dual-C arm DSA system (3 sets), superconducting MRI system (3.0T), ECT, the first PET/CT in Asia-Pacific region with the highest speed and resolving power in the world, electronic Linear accelerator with breath gating, CT simulator, multi-function operating navigational system, flow sytometer, an auto bloodbank system,

  With the noble medical morality and superb medical technology, Beijing Hospital relieves diseases and pain for the mass patients. Dept. of Cardiac-thoracic Surgery first conducted

  The hospital has made remarkable achievements and attained its unique features in geriatrics treatment, nursing and rehabilitation. In recent years, 4,000 and more person times of operations have been successfully performed in the hospital for patients of over 70 years old. The oldest operation recipient is aged 104. This has put Beijing Hospital at a leading position in the country. Over the years, the hospital has been entrusted with the task of providing clinical training to nearly 1,000 trainees, including post-graduates, undergraduates, 3-year college students, vocational high school students and participants of advanced training programs. For the past decade and more, the hospital has accomplished 400-odd projects of scientific research, including more than 50 projects at national level. It has participated in the research programs under the Ninth Five-Year Plan and other important scientific research and development projects sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Health and so on. Over 100 items of research achievements are at state or ministerial levels. Nearly 400 academic papers of the hospital are published annually in foreign and domestic journals.

  The staff members of the hospital will never forget a day in February 1950 when Chairman Mao Zedong personally made the inscription “Beijing Hospital”. Premier Zhou Enlai went to the hospital for nearly 200 times, and leaving behind the exhortation that “Beijing Hospital must be well run”. In 1992 when the hospital complex was launched, Party and state leaders wrote inscriptions with pleasure for the hospital. General Secretary Jiang Zemin wrote, “Providing quality service and perfecting skills”. Premier Li Peng wrote, “Beijing Hospital in Progress”. The kind attention given by the proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation and the leaders of the central authorities has greatly encouraged all the people working in the hospital and spurred them on. The hospital has supplied excellent medical and health care service to senior officials and excelled in serving the general public.

  As our motherland progresses and the capital of Beijing advances, the Beijing Hospital is forging ahead. At present, with the kind attention of the central authorities and under the leadership of the Central Health Care Committee and the Party Leading Group of the Ministry of Health, the personnel of the hospital are working hard in a pioneering spirit to turn the hospital into a first-class central health care base up to international standards.



Editor : Zhu Jia

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