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Muslim Menu (Chinese - English)

Updated:2008-06-03 11:18 | Source:

  琥珀冬瓜 Braised Winter Melon

  香菇烧栗子 Braised Chestnuts with Mushroom

  三丝白菜 Braised Cabbage with Three Shredded Ingredients

  珍珠豆腐 Bean Curd Like Pearl

  葱油芋头 Fried Taro with Scallion

  虎皮尖椒 Fried Hot Chili

  口蘑扒菜心 Braised Heart of Cabbage with Mushroom

  三鲜素海参 Three Vegetables Like Sea Cucumber

  法式茄丁 Diced Eggplant in France Style

  芭蕉朝阳 Braised Eggs

  海米扒木耳菜 Braised White Mlalbar Nightshade with Shrimps

  黄豆土鸡汤 Soybean Chicken Soup

  油焖大虾 Braised Prawns

  全羊大菜 Whole Seep

  咖喱羊腩盅 Steamed Dried Sheep Meat with Curry

  芫爆散丹 Stewed Sheep Belly

  砂锅羊头 Braised Sheep Head in Marmite

  柴烤羊肉片 Toasted Mutton Slice on Pine Firewood

  它似蜜 Fried Sheep Fillet Slice

  葱爆羊肉 Fried Mutton with Shallot

  扒羊肉条 Braised Mutton Strip

  爆糊 Toast Paste

  红烧牛尾 Braised deep-fried Cattle Tail in Brown Sauce

  清真酱牛肉 Muslim Stewed Beef with Sauce

Editor : Zhu Jia

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