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Chinese Menu (Chinese - English)

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八个冷盘 Eight cold hors d′oeuvres

八宝冬瓜汤 “Eight-treasures” winter melon(white gourd) soup

八宝扒鸭 Braised duck with “eight-treasures”

八宝全鸡 Roast chicken with “eight-treasures”

八宝全鸭 Roast duck with “eight-treasures”

八宝饭 “Eight-treasures”rice pudding

八宝鸡 Chicken stuffed with “eight-treasures”

八宝鸭 Duck stuffed with“eight-treasures”

八珍冬瓜粒 Soup With Winter melon and minced pork

八珍扒大鸭 Braised duck with “eight-treasures”

卜糟鸡块 Stewed turnip and sliced chicken

叉烧 Barbecued roast pork

叉烧包 Steamed bun stuffed with barbecued roast pork

叉烧杂碎 Barbecued chop suey

叉烧汤面 Barbecued pork noodle soup

叉烧肉 Barbecued pork

叉烧芙蓉 Barbecued pork with egg white

叉烧炒饭 Barbecued pork fried rice

叉烧炒面 Barbecued pork with fried noodles

叉烧炒蛋 Barbecued pork with egg

叉烧馄饨汤 Barbecued pork dumpling soup

叉烧酥方 Barbecued crispy pork

大地田鸡 Fried frogs with bamboo shoots

大米布丁 Rice pudding

大米盒 Puff pie

大鸡三味 Chicken with three special ingredients

大理石布丁 “Marble”pudding

大葱烧鸭 Braised duck with scallions

川鸡片冬菇 Sichuan sliced chicken with mushroom

川茉莉银耳 Jasmine and white fungus,Sichuan style

川菜肉丝 Sliced pork with Sichuan vegetable

川椒乳鸽 Sichuan fried sliced pepper and pigeon

川溜鸡条 Sichuan chicken mildly spiced

干牛肉片 Dried beef slices

干贝冬瓜球 Dried scallop and winter melon(white gourd)balls

干贝汤 Scallop soup

干贝松翠丝 Scallop shreds with scallions

干丝肉丝 Shredded pork with dried bean curd

干炒牛肉丝 Fried Sliced beef

干炒鸡牛柳 Fried chicken and beef fillet

干炒扁豆 Dry sauté beans

干炒野鸡块 Fried pheasant slices

干炸大蚝 Dry fried oyster

干炸鸡卷 Dry fried chicken rolls

干炸虾枣 Dry fried prawn

干炸酱面 Dry fried noodle with soy bean paste

干炸蟹枣 Dry fried crab meat balls

干烤肥鸭 Roast skewered duck

干烤鱼翅 Roast skewered duck

干烤蛋炸面 Dry fried soft noodles with egg

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